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Transitioning To Adulthood

Transitioning To Adulthood

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"I was told for years that I wouldn’t amount to anything because of my disability. I was told that I wouldn’t drive. I was told that I probably wasn’t going to be able to hold down a job. Now I’ve been at the same job for almost three years. Now I’m driving. Now I’m living independently and it feels great. Five or six years ago, I probably wouldn’t have seen my life turning out the way that it has..."

This 139 page book is a collection of stories from a diverse group of teenagers, young adults & adults on the Autism spectrum as they share their experiences transitioning to adulthood, finding their career path and moving out on their own.

You'll hear from folks seeking to enter college, getting a job, moving out and generally trying to navigate adult life on the spectrum. They'll share what worked for them the mistakes they made and the advice they have for others.

It's our hope that this book helps you to realize that we are truly all in this together, and you aren't nearly as alone as it may seem.

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