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Asperger Experts

Struggling To Connect

Struggling To Connect

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"I call myself an old-school father, and I am my father, God bless his soul. I had certain expectations of my son. He was going to be the high school star athlete. I'm a big golfer, so he was going to be a great golfer with me. But those just simply aren't things he's interested in and that’s a hard thing to come to grips with.

I would say the big "aha" moment for me was about a year and a half ago where I finally understood that he just thinks differently from me. That was the big "aha" moment. I'm still not a perfect father, and I still rely on my wife to help me. But that was really the big key, determining that he's not wrong, he just thinks differently. So understanding what motivates him, and what drives him, and how he thinks was the big change for me."

This 73 page book contains stories from fathers of kids with Asperger's & Autism that delve deep into the personal struggles, revelations and wins as they attempt to successfully raise their unconventional child. Within these pages, you'll find advice, inspiration, hope and perspective as dads with kids aging from pre-school to post-college share their experiences.

We've collected these stories because, while there is a ton of books out there telling you what to do (or more accurately, usually they're telling you what you are doing wrong), there are very few books that simply share the stories and perspectives of other fathers raising kids on the Autism spectrum. It's our hope that this book helps you to realize that we are truly all in this together, and you aren't nearly as alone as it may seem.

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