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Navigating The System

Navigating The System

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"When my son was 11, I remember standing behind him when he was trying to do his math homework that was way past due. He had told us it was done, and it wasn't done. I was standing behind him while he was sitting at the computer trying to do the homework. There were eight problems that he had to get through, and it was just eight problems.

It could be done in 15 minutes if he just powered through it. But he couldn't make himself do it, and so I was reduced to standing behind him saying, "Now do this one. What's this one?" And he did it, and then, "All right, that one's done. Now go on to the next one!" He was crying and I was shouting, it was the most toxic thing you can possibly imagine. I didn't like myself, and I didn't think that I would be the kind of parent that a kid would want to remember when they looked back on their childhood."

This 88 page book contains stories from parents of kids with Asperger's & Autism that delve deep into the struggles, successes & set backs of their family as they attempt to navigate the system while raising someone on the spectrum. Within these pages, you'll find advice, inspiration, hope and perspective as you read the stories of other spectrum families going through similar struggles.

We've collected these stories because, while there is a ton of books out there telling you what to do (or more accurately, usually they're telling you what you are doing wrong), there are very few books that simply share the stories and perspectives of other families. It's our hope that this book helps you to realize that we are truly all in this together, and you aren't nearly as alone as it may seem.

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