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Finding Our Place

Finding Our Place

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"After the IEP meeting with the state lawyer they stopped locking him in the room and started finding work-arounds. Although some of these solutions didn’t feel right either. The teacher told me, "Stuart came into school this morning, said I don't want to be here, so he punched me and to de-escalate I gave him an iPad." It didn’t feel right. We're in supposedly one of the best school systems in the country. We rank really high and people move here specifically for our special needs programs. It just wasn't working. Eventually, middle school comes, and once again it's a big transition and I'm fighting for more supports."

This 96 page book contains stories from parents of kids with Asperger's & Autism that share their experiences while they try to navigating the confusing world of dealing with the school system. Within these pages, you'll find advice, inspiration, hope and perspective as you read the stories of other spectrum families going through similar struggles.

We've collected these stories because, while there is a ton of books out there telling you what to do (or more accurately, usually they're telling you what you are doing wrong), there are very few books that simply share the stories and perspectives of other families. It's our hope that this book helps you to realize that we are truly all in this together, and you aren't nearly as alone as it may seem.

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